in Tanzania

Where to Volunteer in Tanzania

Tanzania, situated in East Africa, boasts considerable size, providing ample opportunities for volunteering. Currently, all our volunteer initiatives are community-focused and exclusively located in Arusha. Options include volunteering at our Children Center, Girls Sewing Project, community primary school hygiene programs, Medical Centers or nearby orphanage centers and schools.

How Can I Volunteer in Tanzania?

If you're interested in volunteering in Tanzania, you can find a program that suits your budget. We offer a range of program fees that cover accommodation, meals, and in some cases support for the host organization. For more information on program fees, please check our program fee page. Your contribution will be a great help to the people of Tanzania, as it is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Who Can Volunteer with Us?

We expect certain skills from our international volunteers, thus certain requirements must be met during the application process. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, although some children's projects such as day-cares and orphanages may make exceptions for those under 18 with special requests. Additionally, volunteers must have basic English skills in order to communicate with locals, as Tanzania is a member of the Commonwealth and English is one of the primary languages of communication among educated people.